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Cookies ensures that you do not have to enter all information every time you access our site.
Cookies are used by most websites, including banks and such websites.

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Different types of cookies

Necessary cookies

Travel4Football only use necessary, analytical, functional and specific cookies. Below is a description of cookies used, and their functions.

Cookie: Aelia Currency
Purpose: Cookies used to store chosen currency.

Analytical cookies

Cookie: Google Analytics:
Purpose: Google Analytics uses methods such as cookies to enable us to analyze how our customers use our website. This information is gathered automatically by cookies and is usually stored on a google server. We assure you that this information is ip anonymized.

Targeted cookies:

Cookie: Awin / Zanox
Purpose: To uphold the obligations to our partners. We place ads on our website in cooperation with our partners. When a customer buys anything´ through these ads, our partner receives a commission

Cookie: Google Adwords remarketing (DoubleClick)
purpose: Used along with the Google Analytics cookie to create anonymous profiles in larger target groups. This is to allow targeted advertising in the Google search engine and ad network.

Cookie: Facebook
Purpose: The Facebook pixel is used to gather anonymous data about our visitors. This is to allow targeted advertising in the Facebook ad network as well as to gather anonymous information about purchases made through our site.